Younique Postnatal

Three experienced postnatal doulas who are passionate about providing and promoting a positive postnatal experience.



Naomi Kemeny


I have always had a passion for supporting new mothers and their families during the postnatal period.  I gained a lot of valuable experience in this from my time as a maternity auxiliary, midwife and HOMESTART volunteer. In addition, I worked as a school nurse and as a massage therapist. My main focus is working as a postnatal doula, which I have done for 8 years now, as well as a Doula Mentor for new postnatal doulas. I also teach antenatal courses for couples expecting multiples with TAMBA.  I am married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren.  My passion for postnatal work culminated in the publishing of my book 'Nurturing New Families' which can be purchased from Pinter and Martin and at our courses.


''I love life, especially when its full of family fun, friends and babies!''

''I am happy being creative with cooking, gardening, clay and baby calming!''

My postnatal doula motto: 'Happy mother, happy baby, happy family, happy me!'

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Victoria Greenly


When I became a mother to my daughter, Eloise, my life changed more than I possibly could have imagined.  As a result, I wanted to find out more about how I could help others make the transition to parenthood, so that families could feel prepared and supported with the arrival of their baby.  To start with I supported local mothers on a voluntary basis with breastfeeding their babies and completed two levels of preparation with a major breastfeeding charity.  


I have been a postnatal doula for five years having trained with Nurturing Birth and have chosen for this to be the focus of my doula services. I am also a recognised birth doula, qualified infant feeding counsellor, having supported over 1000 women with feeding, a PN Doula Mentor and DUK West Sussex Rep.   Of great importance to me is my continued learning journey - I am always looking for the latest research in birth, postnatal and baby care, read tonnes and attend relevant courses and seminars.  I have completed a course in Parenting the Under 5s from the Family Caring Trust.


"I love seeing mothers grow more confident day by day"

"For me being there for the dads is really important too as they make their transition to fatherhood"

My postnatal doula motto: "Find your own way of being a parent, your baby is unique just like you"

Sally-Anne Holman


My interest in all things to do with pregnancy, birth and babies started after I had my first son over 18 years ago.  When I decided to leave my job as a hospital manager after the birth of my second son, I began my journey in helping families navigate their way through pregnancy and parenthood.


I am a qualified antenatal teacher, having trained with the National Childbirth Trust.  I have worked in this role for 10 years, supporting over 1000 couples having their first, second or third baby and have been an Excellent Practitioner/Advanced Antenatal Teacher since 2011.  I have been a postnatal doula for five years, having trained with Nurturing Birth and have been a birth doula for over 3 years.  I am a Doula Mentor to new postnatal doulas, as well as one of the Doula Mentor Coordinators. I live in New Malden with my husband David and my two sons, Tom aged 19, and Will aged 17.  


"The best thing about being a postnatal doula is making a new mum a cup of tea, snuggling her up on the sofa with her baby and sorting out her piles of laundry!"

"My go-to postnatal supper dish, which I give every new mum and dad, is Roast Chicken Bake with Chorizo!  Gorgeous!"

My postnatal doula motto: "Satisfaction is a baby who has had a lovely feed, a mummy who has had a sleep, a clean kitchen and supper prepared and cooking in the oven."



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