Younique Postnatal

The UK's only provider of courses and workshops that focus purely on postnatal doula skills - we offer training and preparation.  Our mottos: "Elevating the postnatal period! Your baby is unique, just like you.  Your family is unique, just like you"

Younique Postnatal is a Doula UK accredited course provider facilitated by experienced postnatal doula and infant feeding counsellor Victoria Greenly and postnatal doula, antenatal teacher, holistic sleep coach and breastfeeding peer supporter Sarah Tessier. We are passionate about supporting families after a birth - and want to share our experiences with other people who would like to explore what it means to be a postnatal doula.


The postnatal doula movement is growing in the UK and we hope you will become part of it!  I believe the support we give can have a positive and profound effect on families for years after their baby is born.


Supporting families after a baby’s birth can be a subtle and complex path.  With cuts in midwifery services and a society where families are not always close, the need for postnatal doulas is greater than ever.  As a postnatal doula, you will be able to give new parents the emotional, practical and informational support so many of them need.  Making the special time after a baby is born as positive as possible is something a postnatal doula can most definitely help with!


Our courses and workshops are online at the moment with one Face to Face Course in Midhurst offered in 2020.

Our aim is to provide excellent courses and workshops in initiating and developing postnatal doula skills. We offer a grounding in the preparation and reflection required to be a postnatal doula.   On completion of our training course, you will have a wide repetoire of skills to confidently pursue a career as a postnatal doula and begin the process of setting up your practice.  A career as a postnatal doula is rewarding and flexible - you can make it fit your lifestyle in whichever way you want!


We offer two courses and five workshops year round in venues across the UK and online:

Initial Doula Preparation Course - 3/4 days and online

Check In Course (postnatal doula 6 week check - plus 2 week, 12 weeks and 16 weeks): 2 days and via Zoom

Development Workshop - 1 day and via Zoom

Twins and More Workshop - 1 day and via Zoom

Understanding Newborns - 1 day and via Zoom

Understanding and Preventing Reflux - half day and via Zoom

Postnatal Planning - 1 day and via Zoom

Sensational Solids - 2 hours and via Zoom

Eleven workshops are in the development phase: Postnatal Nutrition, Physical Rehabilitation, Motherhood in Culture, Mother Roasting, Postnatal Relationships, British Traditions, Enhanced Breastfeeding Skills (for PN Doulas), Babycarrying (for doulas), Upscaling (business/social media skills), Listening/Communication Skills and Toddlers/Child Development.


Our courses are based on lively and interactive learning, with visual aids, group work, hands on experience and practice exercises.  The topics we cover highlight evidence based information, current guidelines and new areas of research in postnatal care. We also offer support before and after your course is over, a debrief with one of us, an extensive manual, an additional Guiding Hand Scheme (with experienced postnatal doulas, for extra charges) and access to a private Facebook group of postnatal doulas.  



Supporting  families after a birth

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