Experienced postnatal doulas who are passionate about providing and promoting a positive postnatal experience.

Victoria Greenly - Owner of Younique Postnatal


When I became a mother to my daughter, Eloise, my life changed more than I possibly could have imagined.  As a result, I wanted to find out more about how I could help others make the transition to parenthood, so that families could feel prepared and supported with the arrival of their baby.  To start with I supported local mothers on a voluntary basis in London clinics with breastfeeding their babies - and completed two levels of preparation with a major breastfeeding charity.  


I have been a postnatal doula for seven years having trained with Nurturing Birth and have chosen for this to be the focus of my doula services.  I am also a recognised birth doula who has supported a variety of birth experiences, a qualified infant feeding counsellor who has supported over 1000 women with feeding their babies, a PN Doula Mentor and DUK West Sussex Rep.  My passion is to create postnatal support hubs across the UK.  I hope to achieve this by hosting a free postnatal support group called the Mother Space locally in West Sussex and by facilitating antenatal workshops called Life After Baby about the postnatal period as well as postnatal retreats, sessions and workshops.  Other postnatal doulas and supporters are now hosting other Mother Space groups across Surrey and Sussex and I hope I can introduce my Life After Baby workshops to doulas so they can be facilitated across the UK.  The postnatal doula movement is indeed growing and I believe Younique Postnatal is the driving force that can keep that momentum going!


Of great importance to me is my continued learning journey - I am always looking for the latest research in birth, postnatal and baby care, read tonnes and attend relevant courses, workshops and seminars.  I have also completed a course in Parenting the Under 5s from the Family Caring Trust.


You can find out more about my private practice at www.youniquebaby.co.uk and Instagram: @youniquebabyandpostnatal


"The transition to motherhood (matrescence) is not given enough importance in our society - let's change that dialogue!"

"I love nurturing new families with support and care - and seeing them grow more confident day by day."

"For me being there for the wider family is really important too - partners, fathers and grandparents - as they are also making a huge transition."

My postnatal doula motto: "Find your own way of being a parent, your baby is unique just like you"


Younique Postnatal


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Sarah Tessier - Facilitator at Younique Postnatal

I have been a postnatal doula for nearly three years and did my training with Younique Postnatal. I originally chose Younique Postnatal because I knew that I wanted to focus exclusively on postnatal support and the course would give me the knowledge and on-going support that I was looking for. I'm thrilled to now be supporting new postnatal doulas as a course facilitator for Younique Postnatal and to help the postnatal doula movement grow further and wider. I was drawn to supporting parents as a postnatal doula because I had two very different postnatal experiences and know first hand the difference that good postnatal support can make.  I am also an antenatal teacher, holistic sleep coach, breastfeeding peer supporter and mother of two.  


You can find me online at www.sarahtessier.com or on Instagram @sarahtessierdoula


"I'm passionate about what I call 'mothermoons' and helping families prepare for and support them through the postnatal period, so that they have the start to parenthood that they deserve."

"Birth lasts a relatively short time compared to the rest of someone's life as a mother or parent and postnatal doula support can play a crucial role in giving new families the support they need to give themselves the best start to parenthood."

My postnatal doula motto: "No-one is their own village"