Younique Postnatal

Initial Doula Preparation Course

Who's it for?

Anyone who would like to become a postnatal doula and optionally begin the process of becoming a Doula UK recognised postnatal doula.


What does it cost?

Face to Face: £550 and Virtual: £500

2022- £665 and £565

How long is it?

Face to Face: 4 days 2021, 5 days 2022

Virtual: 12 Zoom sessions over 12 weeks,

Weds 7.30-9.45pm, plus self directed study and online coursework


What does it cover?

Debriefing your own birth and postnatal experiences

How birth experience may affect a mother/birthing person’s postnatal experience

Caring for a mother/birthing person: physically and emotionally

Practical Postnatal Doula skills eg household management, food preparation and nutrition, care of siblings and other supportive tasks

How to create a Family/Parent Moon and what to include in a PN doula session

Newborn baby care and physiology including: parenting styles, patterns or 'routines', baby and parental sleep, baby cues and soothing a baby

Listening/Communication skills and practice scenarios

Working alongside fathers and partners – and the wider family

Situations outside the common – multiples, premature babies, babies with         disabilities, parents with disabilities, baby loss, adoption, surrogacy, child protection and reporting

Indepth infant feeding for postnatal doulas module

Joining Doula UK and Mentoring Schemes

Setting up your business: marketing, networking and getting work

Support for the doula: self-reflection, life-long learning and boundaries

Cultural considerations and anti-racism

LGBTQIA + considerations

Covid-19 safety and virtual/remote support


What else is included?

Preparation work before and after the workshop to include reflection, reading and research, including extensive online modules for the virtual course

A comprehensive manual covering all course topics and resource links

Certificate of Completion

One to one session with course facilitator

Private Facebook groups, safe places to get support from other postnatal doulas

Mentoring and guidance scheme with experienced PN doulas, additional coaching sessions

Wellbeing Club for self-care









Courses and Workshops - section 1

Initial Preparation Course

Who's it for?

Anyone who would like to become a postnatal doula.


What does it cost?

Virtual Course: £565

Face to Face Course: £665


How long is it?

Virtual: 12 weeks over Zoom

Face to Face: 5 days


What does it cover?

The role of a postnatal doula

The impact of birth on the postnatal period

Placenta options

Supporting a mother/birthing person physically and emotionally after birth

Listening and Communication skills

Practical Postnatal Doula Skills inc food preparation, household management and supporting other children

Supporting fathers/partners and the wider family

Societal Considerations and working alongside the NHS

Cultural considerations: supporting black and brown parents, how the postnatal period is framed globally

Infant Feeding: how postnatal doulas can support breast/chestfeeding, bottle and formula feeding.  A grounding and awareness raising of many aspects of infant feeding.

Inclusion Considerations:  supporting LGBT+ parents, parents with disabilities

Other situations: eg multiples, prematurity, loss/bereavement, babies with additional needs/disabilities, parents with disabilities, surrogacy, adoption

Support and care of the newborn baby including sleep, the Fourth Trimester and responsive routines

A postnatal doula session and developing your practice/services

Setting up your Business and getting work

Supporting yourself as a doula

Mentoring Options

Joining Doula UK


What else is included?

Precoursework to debrief birth stories, begin your grounding and so facilitator can get to know you 

Online modules to develop self study

Postcoursework for reflection and further consolidation of skills

One to one over Zoom with facilitator

An extensive Manual

Certificate of Completion

Access to YP Mentoring Scheme

Discount on future workshops and courses



Who's it for?

Those that have had some PN doula experience and have completed a Doula course.


What does it cost?

£100 for group Zooms or

online modules with Zoom

sessions with Victoria

£97 for YP doulas

£197 for other doulas


How long is it?

1 day or 3 group Zoom sessions over 3 evenings,

online modules + sessions: for YP doulas - one 1:1 session with Victoria, for other doulas - two 1:1 sessions with Victoria


What does it cover?

Postnatal doula case studies and scenarios: How to deal with dilemmas

'Finding the right words'/language ideas. Getting more work.  

The sessions are designed by attendees but could include:


Parenting styles, patterns or routines and their impact on the baby

Baby sleep (or not!)

New mother's/birthing person's emotional and physical recovery

Listening/Communication skills and raising difficult topics

Working alongside fathers, partners and the wider family

Boundaries – what do we really mean

Self-reflection and continued development as a postnatal doula

Developing your practice, services and business skills

What else is included?

Resources handout after the course

Opportunities for follow up on a one to one basis

Certificate of Completion

Twins and More Workshop

Who's it for?

All birth and postnatal practitioners who are interested in supporting multiples.


What does it cost?

Non YP: £75 or £65 when booked with Understanding Newborns

YP: £65 or £55 when booked with Newborns


How long is it?

1 day or 3 Zoom sessions over 2 days


What does it cover?

exploration of possible emotional and practical challenges for parents expecting multiples

understanding zygosity and chorionicity

birth considerations and statistics, vaginal birth vs abdominal birth

increased risks in multiple birth pregnancy and newborns

birthing timeline

prematurity and how to support parents

postnatal considerations: household setup, extra practical support and parental self-care/efficacy

feeding multiples

multiples sleep

external support available/charity support

interesting multiples statistics

What else is included?


Certificate of Completion

Understanding Newborns Workshop

Who's it for?

All birth and postnatal practitioners who are interested

in supporting newborns.


What does it cost?

Non YP: £75 or £65 when booked with Twins and More

YP: £65 or £55 when booked with Twins


How long is it?

1 day or 3 Zoom sessions over 2 days


What does it cover?

What is the Fourth Trimester? What does it mean for babies? What do newborns need?

A baby's brain - early development

Neonatal reflexes - what might they mean, how could we preserve them?

Early sensory development (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell)

Why babies cry and how we can support parents with their crying

What is colic and does it exist?

A newborn’s digestive system – why certain ways of                            feeding matter?

Baby Sleep – how babies sleep, sleep training (or not!), self soothing, experts/research organisations and what they say

Supporting parents with understanding their newborn's behaviour and development, communicating ideas

Using resources and published studies, what the experts say


What else is included?


Certificate of Completion              

Understanding Reflux Workshop

Who's it for?

All birth and postnatal practitioners who are interested


What does it cost?

Non YP: £55

YP: £45


How long is it?

Half day or 2 Zoom sessions in 1 day


What does it cover?

What might be the causes of reflux? Looking at ALL the theories out there.

What is the difference between reflux symptoms and the condition of reflux or GERD/GORD as it is named?

Pyloric Stenosis and other conditions

Case studies from families I have supported (names changed):

Kate (baby with tongue tie)

Tori (multiple reasons for reflux including potential intolerances)

Sarah (mismanaged combi feeding)

Veronica (mismanaged breast feeding)

How best to support optimal feeding

How best to support reflux as a PN doula/supporter, which other therapies and professionals might help.

Where to signpost on and how reflux is managed by Health Professionals

Medications and their usage (not as HP but from PN doula observations), getting support for medication use.


What else is included?


Certificate of Completion



Postnatal Planning Workshop

Who's it for?

All birth and postnatal practitioners who are interested


What does it cost?

Non YP: £80

YP: £70


How long is it?

1 day or 2 Zoom Sessions over a morning and evening


What does it cover?

The postnatal period in a cultural context

The postnatal parent - what to expect physically and emotionally, changing parental experience

The newborn baby - how to support their transition from womb to world, better understanding of the 4th Trimester

Helping clients create a circle of support and postnatal plan -why preparing for the postnatal period is important

Common postnatal challenges


What else is included?


Postnatal nutrition and recipe booklet

Certificate of Completion

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