Testimonials            "The Course really did exceed any expectations I had - I really enjoyed it!"

Initial Preparation Course


“The course was fantastic - extremely professional and well put together. It covered every topic I could have possibly wished to explore in an informal, yet informative way.  It challenged thinking on various issues and made me think about how I would react in different scenarios via useful role-play.  It was really well-balanced and I came away from the course feeling so much more confident going forward in my PN Doula journey. “


“The most useful component of the course was its all round thoroughness, attention to detail, excellent presentations and two very knowledgeable doulas who portrayed their valuable experiences with ease and clarity.”


"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course.  I was impressed at how the course packed in so much over the duration of three days.  The warm, relaxed and flexible approach to facilitation met my needs, allowed room for us to talk, share experiences, and draw on our own knowledge as well as offering information and keeping us in check without being directive.  Not quite sure how they managed to pack so much in.    I have come away with a lot of excitement about the prospect of becoming a postnatal doula.  Feeling very empowered.  Loved it!"


"Since completing the course it has reinforced my desire to become a doula. It also made me realise that there is an awful lot more involved with the job than I had perhaps considered.  These things include the massive role we play in just being able to listen and sometimes having to deal with tricky situations! I feel I have learned so much that I can take with me to the role, especially with regards to the many different ways in which we can help women with breast and bottle feeding."

Twins and More Workshop


"May I thank you both for a fantastic day. So informative and concise on the world of twin care! I felt each section was well executed, timed and informed. You managed to harness all the conversation and chat that can lead off of one subject on to another very well, you reined us in!!! The group size was absolutely perfect to allow voices to be heard but also small enough to make it an intimate safe space for learning. Well done."


"I found the workshop very informative, interesting and lively."


Understanding Newborns Workshop


"Thanks for an informative and interesting day.  There is a lot I will take away from the workshop and use in my doula practice."

Development Workshop


“Every aspect of the workshop is useful!"


"I attended the Younique Postnatal Development Workshop as a mentored and hopefully soon to be recognised postnatal doula!  The workshop was absolutely fantastic!  I had already completed a doula preparation course and am a recognised birth doula but I had embarked on the postnatal doula work feeling a bit unprepared.


The Younique Postnatal Development Workshop is run by two hugely experienced and lovely doulas with a wealth of experience and information to share.  The workshop was so informative, empowering and well put together and I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough.  It covers and explores so many useful topics, allowing everyone to participate and explore the issues in an informal yet professional way.  For any mentored or recently recognised doula wanting to establish their career as a postnatal doula, this workshop is invaluable.


I shall continue my postnatal work now with renewed confidence and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to validate my learning through this workshop."



Younique Postnatal