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The Intuitive Infant Feeding Course

The Check In Course

The Development and
Consolidation Course

When you book a Younique Postnatal Initial Preparation Course, you are signing up to more than simply a course that sets you off on a vocation on your own. You are joining a community of like-minded people who not only want to see postnatal life improve for new parents but also a community that holds, nourishes and supports each other. Becoming a doula can be the beginning of a life-long journey of learning, personal development and self-reflection, that can bring growth to you, your community and those that are around you in a multitude of ways.

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Initial Preparation Course

This is our signature course and is for anyone who would like to become a postnatal doula.

YP provides high quality courses so that those who are drawn to supporting new families can follow a calling that improves the wellbeing of parents and babies, impacts societal change and creates awareness of the importance of the postnatal period, offers flexible working options to fit around your life and needs - and begins a journey of personal growth.


We support you to tune into your professional dreams and are there for you as you progress to fulfilling them. 

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This comprehensive course covers:

The role of a postnatal doula


The impact of birth on the postnatal period


Placenta options


Supporting a mother/birthing person physically and emotionally after birth

Listening and communication skills

Practical postnatal doula skills inc. food preparation, household management and supporting other children

​Supporting fathers/partners and the wider family

Societal considerations and working alongside the NHS


Cultural considerations: supporting black and brown parents, how the postnatal period is framed globally


Infant Feeding: how postnatal doulas can support breast/chestfeeding, bottle and formula feeding and grounding and awareness of many aspects of infant feeding.


Inclusion considerations:  supporting LGBT+ parents, parents with disabilities

Other situations: eg multiples, prematurity, loss/bereavement, babies with additional needs/disabilities, parents with disabilities, surrogacy, adoption

Support and care of the newborn baby including sleep, the fourth trimester and responsive routines

A postnatal doula session and developing your practice/services


Setting up your business and getting work


Supporting yourself as a doula


Mentoring options


Joining Doula UK

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What else is included?


Precoursework to debrief birth stories, to begin your grounding and so the facilitator can get to know you 

Online modules to develop self study


Postcoursework for reflection and further consolidation of skills


One to one over Zoom with facilitator


The extensive YP Manual


Certificate of Completion


Access to the YP Doulaesence Mentoring Scheme


Discounts on future workshops and courses

Your Investment: 

Virtual Course: £695

Face to Face Course: £745


Virtual: 14 sessions over Zoom

Face to Face: 5 days

When and Where


In Person Midhurst

June 2024

The 5 Day Intensive Programme

17-21 June 2024




In Person SW London
Kingston Upon Thames

October 2024

The 5 day Intensive Programme

7-11 October 2024





April 2024 - July 2024

15 April-22 July 2024

Mon evenings


Sept 2024-Oct 2024

16 Sept-31 Oct 2024

 The 7 week Intensive Programme

Mon and Weds evenings


Nov 2024-Feb 2025

4 Nov 2024-10 Feb 2025

Mon evenings 


Other Courses

Our additional courses are designed for your continuous professional development to enhance and build upon your services as a postnatal doula.


Those that have had some PN doula experience and have completed a doula training course or wish to refresh their skills.


Postnatal doula case studies and scenarios: how to deal with dilemmas

'Finding the right words'/language ideas


Getting more work

The sessions are designed by attendees but could include:


Parenting styles, patterns or routines and their impact on the baby

Baby sleep (or not!)

New mother's/birthing person's emotional and physical recovery

Listening/Communication skills and raising difficult topics

Working alongside fathers, partners and the wider family

Boundaries – what do we really mean

Self-reflection and continued development as a postnatal doula

Developing your practice, services and business skills


Resources handout after the course

Opportunities for follow up on a one to one basis

Certificate of Completion


£100 for group Zooms or

online modules with Zoom

sessions with Victoria

£97 for YP doulas


£197 for other doulas


All pre and postnatal practitioners.



Gives accreditation as an infant feeding support doula/practitioner

A focus on intuitive questioning, the SLOWER breastfeeding method, emotional, physical, psychosocial, holistic and practical support of breastfeeding.  


A deep dive into practical skills and a deep understanding of how to show parents these skills.


Online modules and resources post course​

Entry to a private Facebook group with masterclasses offered by breastfeeding specialists

Certificate of Completion

Understanding and Preventing Reflux Workshop

Sensational Solids Session


Focus on Formula Session


£520 + £50 per debrief for 3 case studies and assignments

A full course plan is available from Victoria. 


Postnatal practitioners who have a good knowledge of the postnatal period


5 sessions on postnatal content for the Check Ins:       antenatally, 2, 6, 12, 16 and 20 weeks


Deepening postnatal planning options


Content covered: parental emotional and mental health and wellbeing, physical recovery, relationships, circles of support, baby care and behaviour, feeding and more


Setting up and delivering the sessions


Adding this service to your website and marketing


All materials needed to deliver the sessions


Book list and further resources

Entry to a private Facebook group with masterclasses offered by breastfeeding specialists

Certificate of Completion



A full course plan is available from Victoria. 


“I would definitely recommend the YP Initial Preparation Course. I feel that I really benefited

from Victoria’s wealth of experience as a postnatal doula and also from her own CPD as she

was always able to signpost further reading and training for specific areas of interest. I also

really liked the way that the course focused on the different practical, emotional and

informational support that postnatal doulas can provide in so many areas of the postnatal

period. I now have a much clearer understanding of the value of this work and the ways that

it will benefit my clients.”

Ruth R.

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