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YP Workshops

On completion of the YP Initial Preparation Course, you can also increase your skills, offerings and knowledge with other related courses and workshops to help you support parents after birth.  In addition, you can join a community of other postnatal doulas who share tips, ideas and insights.  Many new friendships are made, collaborations started and experiences explored.


YP offers other ways of getting support from experienced postnatal doulas, course facilitators and peers through online social meetups, face to face socials, online coaching sessions, themed topic sessions, wellbeing sessions and a postnatal book club. 


Working on your own with parents who are experiencing a huge life change means that reaching out to fellow doulas who understand the magnitude and complexities of the postnatal period is essential.  No doula should be isolated in their working practice but instead know they have a place to go to gain expertise, moral support and the power of the hive mind.

We prepare YP Doulas to connect with their challenges, fears and concerns and convey that we get them, that we understand. (This could be through sharing our own stories or through that of other YP grads, and how we overcame them.)  


“I wanted to say thank you for everything over the last few weeks. Your depth of knowledge

alongside your ability to express all the various concepts made learning an absolute

pleasure, I thoroughly enjoyed it all! I’m really looking forward to progressing in the Doula

world and doing so with the support of Younique Postnatal. I really feel that you go the

extra mile to make people like me as prepared as possible, with the tools to help new

parents the best we can.”

Rebecca S.

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